Cat poop coffee


What Makes Cat Poop Coffee the costliest Coffee in the marketplace

Cat poop coffee
Kopi Luwakcoffee commonly called cat poop coffee, is one of the priciest forms of coffee on the market, and has customers paying up to $30 first cup. The Kopi Luwak espresso beans primarily grow on Sumatra, a tiny Indonesian island. The coffee is rich in flavor using a touch of chocolate and caramel and it is loved by people throughout the world. While some people considered the purchase price too much, others believe it is the most effective coffee available and are willing to pay extra for great taste. With many people declaring this the best coffee available, important stand out? Many believe the great flavor comes from the initial method that the Kopi Luwak espresso beans are collected.

How Are Kopi Luwak Espresso beans Collected?

Cat poop coffee
Kopi Luwak coffee is usually called “cat poop coffee” as the original name is sometime too hard for people to consider. Cat poop coffee has turned into a nickname for this popular make of coffee due to the unique way the coffee beans are collected. Asian palm civets, formally known as Paradoxurus, are small animals that are native to Sumatra and resemble a cat. These animals like to take in the ripe Kopi Luwak coffee beans whole. These beans travel through the civet’s gastrointestinal system, where natural enzymes seep to the coffees and fermentation occurs. The coffee beans then exit the civet, which is the location where the name "cat poop" is derived. Then your beans are gathered, cleaned and ground into coffee.

What Makes Kopi Luwak Coffee So Expensive

Due to this extensive collection process, typically only 500 to a single,000 pounds of Kopi Luwak coffee beans are collected annually. This limited quantity of beans available puts a unique high demand with this form of bean making it very costly to buy. Buyers can get to pay for between $100 to $600 for just one pound of coffee beans. The rich flavors of the coffee also create a high demand with this product. Many think that cat poop coffee taste superior as the civets are really selective about which espresso beans they eat and the unique changes that eventually the beans through digestion. Although this will be the priciest cup of coffee on the planet, fans are more than prepared to spend more money for that taste they've grown to like. The cat poop coffee trend is not dying down anytime soon.